Aroma Therapy

Price starts from: US $25.00 | Duration: 60 min 

Aroma Therapy is directly related to reducing of stress-related situations. Most essential and commonly used component in Aroma Therapy is Lavender with the combination of other oils to get relaxed, energize and make body balanced. This therapy is aimed to provide natural treatment with usages of natural oils made from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots and other parts of plants. Aroma Therapy procedure believed to stimulate brain function and bloodstream help for whole body healing. Because of its natural and scientific procedure to get physically and mentally refreshed, anyone can easily try the Aroma Therapy.

Time Duration & Prices:

  • 60 min - US $25.00,
  • 90 min - US $35.00,
  • 120 min - US $40.00

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